Olive Firewood

Olive firewood is an extremely dense firewood that burns with a fantastic aroma. The density of the wood means that it burns much longer than most woods we stock.

All our Olive wood is sourced from the Mediterranean region where there is an abundance of cut wood just left to rot from the Olive farms pruning and replanting process. This makes it a perfect renewable & carbon neutral fuel.

Olive is our most dense wood, offering unrivalled burning times as well as heat production. Olive provides enough heat to get your pizza oven up above 800 degress farenheit as well as prodcues excellent coals if you use it to BBQ.

Imported From: Egypt Diameter: 7-11cm Length: 25-33cm Thickness: 6-12cm Calorific Value: >5000kcal/Kg Moisture Content: 16-17 % Certification: FSC