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Oak Firewood

Oak firewood imported from Croatia, EU. Logs are 30cm in length with under 20 percent moisture. Each bag is 40 liters and is approx 17kg in weight. Oak is a great alternative for charcoal and an excellent wood for you’re smoker.

  • Best firewood for meat
  • Organic and safe for food preparation
  • Perfect for camping
  • Extra long burning time
  • Minimal ash deposits

We stock the regions largest collection of Firewood products which include, Birch Firewood, Beech Firewood, Oak Firewood, and Olive Firewood. Have a look at each types page for more information on the difference between them.

Whatever Firewood you are searching for, we have a solution for you, regardless of budget. If you need some advice, just get in touch with one of our consultants who will be happy to help.

The range is guaranteed kiln-dried, mould free and always imported from FSC certified sustainable suppliers.

This range is designed to pair perfectly with most branded BBQ’s and Industrial Equipment including Weber, Buschbeck, Broilking, Grill Works and Josper.

Besides Oak Firewood, What else do we do?

Hospitality – Kitchen Fuels
To ensure we meet both the quality and economical requirements for our clients, we spend a considerable amount of time on our product sourcing. At present, we import our range of charcoal & Firewood from multiple countries. The reason behind this simply lies with the way the products are produced and the raw materials which are used. Over the years we have identified that each chef/cuisine has a particular requirement which we ensure we can meet.

Hospitality – Heating/Cooling
Our range of heaters and coolers are made in China, but under factories which are monitored and controlled by UK standards. We continuously audit and ensure all our required procedures are being met in order to maintain the quality required. We offer most items across the range in both private label and the La Hacienda brand.

Retail – Home & Garden
Our present range of La Hacienda, Firebox and Buschbeck allows us to hit a majority of in demand categories across the GCC and Africa. We currently provide products such as Firepit, Fire Baskets, Chimeneas (clay, Cast Iron & Steel), Grills, Wood Fired Ovens, Masonry Barbecues, Electric Heaters, Outdoor Lanterns, Garden Mirrors, Wall Art, Garden Ornaments, Embossed Metal Signs and UV protected Canvases.

Retail – Pest Control
STV pest control is the largest distributor of pest control products in the United Kingdom. Having set up a successful distribution network across the UK, they have now expanded into Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore as well as across Europe. We represent STV across the GCC and are looking for distributors to take on the range for additional territories, on an exclusive basis.

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A Message From Our CEO

Elite Horizon was established with one goal in mind, work for our clients, not ourselves. In the last 8 years of operations throughout the MENA region, we have seen a continuous expansion on both supplier and client sides and we want to continue the fantastic growth we have seen. What sets us apart from the rest in similar industries is simply our willingness to give the customer what they want, be transparent in terms of what is achievable and always offer the same quality of product or service.
We are here to build lifetime relationships in order to facilitate the growth of both ourselves and those we work with, Don’t take my word for it, speak to one of our team today and give us the opportunity to prove our worth.

– Elite Horizon General Trading LLC