Brands: Rugged Road

Rugged. According to the dictionary, to be rugged is “to have or require toughness and determination.” This definition perfectly summarizes not only our brand and products, but also the community of people on this journey with us.

Rugged Road was founded by Spencer in 2016. A student at the time, he knew that he was being called to do something big, but wasn’t sure exactly what that would be.

One day in chemistry class, a chemical engineer demonstrated a spray that he had helped develop for many military applications like coating the walls of government buildings to make them blast-proof.

Rumor had it that if you coated an egg in this spray and threw it off a building, it would bounce. Spencer knew that there was some potential here, so he quickly got to work brainstorming a way to utilize this spray for consumer goods.

When the idea of an ultralight cooler came about, he knew there was no time to waste.