Brands: Discovery

Make your world bigger – four words, endless possibilities.
No-one ever said ‘narrow your horizons’.
Inspired by over 30 years of storytelling, at discovery we think there’s always more to know, explore and experience: life is about collecting moments, not things. Because every moment, insight and experience makes us grow.

And not just the big stuff, like exploring the limits of outer space, or the depths of the ocean (though we do that too). But everyday stuff, like taking a different route to work or trying something new. Every day we go in search of surprise and wonder. It’s not just our job. It lies at the heart of what we believe and how we live our lives. It’s in our dna. And to the millions who share our view, come and join us.

Make your world bigger. Reaching over 500 million homes worldwide, and recognised by 71% of the planet, discovery continues to engage, enlighten and entertain audiences across the world with its thirst for adventure. Now you can too, with discovery adventures.