Mushroom Patio Heater

Mushroom Patio Heater

Product Specification – Mushroom Patio Heater

Gas Powered Mushroom Heater

This patio outdoor gas heater has many advantages:
  • It is portable (using standard LPG tanks)
  • The powerful reflected heat of a real flame
  • Weatherproof.
Outdoor Patio Heater (Also Called A Mushroom Or Pyramid Or Circle Heater, Gas Or Flame Heater) Is A Radiant Heating Devices For Generating Thermal Radiation For Outdoor Use. In An Outdoor Environment, Convection Would Quickly Carry Away Heat In The Form Of Hot Air, So All These Methods Emit Various Amounts Of Their Total Output As Radiant Heat.

A Burner On Top Of A Pole, It Burns Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Propane Or Butane, And Directs The Flames Against A Perforated Metal Screen. Heat Is Radiated From The Surface Of The Screen In A Circular Pattern Around The Heater. A Reflector A Top The Burner Reflects Heat That Would Be Otherwise Lost Upwards. This Is Because The Reflecting Hood Is Usually Silvered Which Makes It A Poor Absorber Of Heat But Excellent At Reflecting Infra-Red Radiation Back.

Patio Heaters Have Become Popular With Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Outdoor Events, Home And Garden And Many More Since They Extend The Day And The Season For The Individuals To Sit Outdoors, This Increase In The Popularity Of The Patio Heater Has Led To Concerns Over Their Environmental Effects. One Patio Heater Can Produce Four Tons Of Carbon Dioxide Annually.

Model No.Mushroom Patio Heater
DescriptionPatio Heater – Black / Stainless Steel
Gas Type: Propane, Butane and mixtures (LPG)
Gas consumption: Butane: 873g/h; Propane:857g/h
Power: 12KW /45000BTU
Sectional/4-pc aluminum reflector
304 Stainless Steel burner
With wheels
Without regulator and hose
Total height:  2210mm(H)
Reflector dia.:810mm
Burner dia.: 275*530mm(H)
Main pole: 56*850(H)*1.2mm(T)
Tank housing dia.: 380*770mm(H)
Tank base dia.: 460*90mm(H)