Brands: Monolith Kamado Grills

Humankind has been aware of the ability of ceramics to absorb and store heat for millennia.

This capability was first used to prepare food in Japan more than 3.000 years ago: originally the word “ka- mado” was used to describe built-in ceramic stoves found in homes, and at some point the movable “mushikamado” was developed.

American soldiers then brought the idea back to the US, heralding the birth of the now world-famous kamado grills. In Germany, it was his huge passion for barbecuing that led Matthias Otto to establish

the MONOLITH Grill brand. In the year 2005 he fell in love with his first ceramic grill, but at the same time identified multiple ways of optimising it. Which is why by 2008, he had developed his very own kamado and introduced it onto the market.

Twelve years later Monolith has grown to become much more: Monolith is a team of grill lovers and BBQ Grills enthusiasts, it is the idea of unrestricted freedom when grilling, a universal outdoor kitchen with an ever-growing range of accessories – and ultimately, friendship between grillers.