Charcoal Supplier

Charcoal Supplier

Product Specification – Olive Firewood

African Hardwood Charcoal Supplier

We Stock Quality Hardwood Charcoal That We Obtain Through the Right Carbonization Process, Minimizing Smoke and Sparkling. Our Clients Have Discovered That the Charcoal Produced Through Nigeria’s Local Carbonization Process is of High Quality, Known for Its Easy Ignition, Even Burning Without Smoke, Odor, or Flame.

Producers Carefully Source Nigerian Special Charcoal From Ayin/acacia Trees in Kwara and Niger States and Then Carbonize It Using Traditional Methods.

Our Strict supervision ensures that we only bag the exact grade of Charcoal Suppliers In UAE requested, the exact quantity per bag to obtain the desired tonnage during loading, and we always ensure that our Charcoal is 100% dry.

Quick Facts

Manufacturers make it from Oakwood, Rosewood, or Citrus Trees. Once reduced to charcoal, the wood retains its original rough shape. 

In fact, the best method to determine the quality of the charcoal involves looking at it—if you recognize the shapes of real wood, you have the real thing. It lights more quickly. 

It burns hotter (around 1,000°F), so you should make a smaller or more spread-out fire than you would with briquettes. It creates less ash. It imparts a purer, wood-fired flavor to foods.

Vietnamese Charcoal

We offer three types of Vietnamese charcoal; Khaya, Coffee and CDS, details on each below:

KHAYA charcoal is derived from khaya wood ( narce charcoal). The charcoal comes in large pieces making it perfect to be used in HORECA.

Coffee charcoal is made from recycled material to product an excellent natural charcoal product, although a lower burning time than Kaya and CDS.

CDS charcoal is manufacutured using a mix of hardwood trees.

We are a charcoal supplier to hundreds of clients across the Gulf and are always happy to offer assistance when it comes to picking the perfect products for your operation. 

From Josper Ovens to Grill Works masterpieces we have a product that will suit you perfectly, just a matter of sampling to find your fit.

Not happy with your charcoal supplier? Why not give our team a call and give the whole range a try?