Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Whether you’re hot smoking, barbecuing, grilling or cold smoking, we have a great range of recipes to give you inspiration with your ProQ. From the staples of American BBQ to BBQ twists on traditional dishes, we’ll keep adding more recipes here as often as possible!

The BBQ Pizza oven from La Hacienda is an extremely versatile device, click here for a short video to see how to use it most effectively.

General tips on ensuring the safe use of all BBQ products.

Like everything else, your Weber barbecue deserves a little maintenance once in a while. Using the

Rotisserie is one the easiest and tastiest ways to barbecue. The food constantly rotates over the heat, self-basting as it does so, resulting in a crispy outer whilst the inside remains wonderfully

Smoking is a great way to enhance and deepen the flavour of your food. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker has been developed especially for smoking food. Pre-soaked wood chunks added to the coals of

You really can cook just about anything on your Weber Q, even desserts and bread. It’s all a case of using a different technique, cooking with the lid on and taking control of the cooking tempera

When cooking on a gas barbecue, we recommend you always cook with the lid on. It helps the heat to circulate evenly and seals in that smoky flavour we all love. Food stays succulent and no heat is

Barbecuing without a lid means that you lose heat and all that lovely smoky flavour disappears into thin air. Cooking the Weber way, with the lid on, allows the food to cook evenly, the temperature

Using wood chips, chunks, dust or pellets to create smoke is a great way to transform barbecued foods into meals that will have your friends and family begging for more. Smoke is used as you would

Checking the internal temperature of your food is the best way to check that it is cooked – it is accurate, safe and doesn’t rely on the food “looking” ready. This handy cha

Take a look at our tried and tested methods for lighting your barbecue or smoker.

Tired of being a sausage burner? Check out our Top 10 Tips to help you hone your grilling/barbecuing skills.

Learn how to get started with Hot Smoking on your barbecue smoker for those delicious and authentic Low ‘n’ Slow BBQ flavours. We take you through a step-by-step guide on the best appro

In our BBQ smokers, the water pan is the key to temperature management. This guide is here to help you decide what is best for your cook, and understand how filling your waterpan with different thi