Monolith Fireplate


The fire plate is available! Do not give up the fire plate fun and simply convert your Monolith by placing the plate on your Monolith ceramic grill. Thanks to the valve cover, the temperature can be regulated as usual.

Since the fire plate protrudes above the monolith, a perfect temperature curve is created. A recess for cleaning the grill plate was also thought of.

Monolith Class & La Chef

The massive 8 mm steel fire plate can easily be placed on top of the open Monolith Classic or Le Chef grill. To regulate the heat use the top ventilation cap. Before initial use: Best results are achieved after oil has been burned into the plate.


The 6-mm thick steel PLANCHA, with a diameter of 600 mm, is placed on top of the Monolith ICON or Junior only Pro Series 2.0. An initial burn-in is recommended prior to the first use!