Monolith Classic – Pro Series 2.0


Our most popular grill, and for good reason: with a 44 cm grid diameter, the Classic satisfies an entire family.

The optional additional grids and the 2nd tier
grid level offer ample space for all kinds of meals and side dishes, while the chip feeder system gives your grilled food stunning flavours.

Pyrolysis for the grill, and ash chute for what remains. Shovel out the burned coals through the lower vent in the Monolith, and the fire does the rest of the cleaning for you.

Create flavours with the smoker chute. Give your meat the most delicate flavors by adding smoke pellets or smoking wood, without raising the lid.

The Monolith grill is not only a barbecue but also a stone oven, a smoker and a teppanyaki plate. Whether you want to quickly sear a steak, bake your own crusty stone-oven pizza in 3 minutes or plan the perfect 10-hour slow cook for your ribs, with a temperature range from 70 °C to 400 °C, your Monolith will always provide total barbecue pleasure.


The Monolith Pro Series is more efficient than ever. Due to the clever ventilation system, you can work within the low-temperature range for up to 24 hours with just 2.5-3 kg charcoal (Monolith Classic). Because the Monolith needs so little oxygen, it keeps air movement down to a minimum so that the grilled foods are always moist and tender.


Our unique system for adding wood chips gives the meat that typical smoky BBQ taste without having to disturb the meat by raising the lid. Flavoured wood chips are placed in a chute and are pushed through the specially designed aperture directly into the fire.


The simple adjustment of the air supply
and the precise seal of the heavy ceramic prevents temperature fluctuations.
The result is stability and around 25 – 50 % less charcoal consumption. Sub-zero temperatures present no challenge, either.


Looking to quickly grill a couple of steaks?
No problem. Due to the chimney effect, the charcoal heats up fast and the Monolith is ready for barbecuing. Because of the excellent insulation, the embers die down very quickly after the vents are closed and can therefore simply be re-used next time.


Our Monolith is made of ceramics and stainless steel prepared to withstand heat and weathering. The stand is constructed from powder-coated steel and the side table is made of solid bamboo. Impressive, rustic and absolutely robust.


The Monolith is a lifelong companion. You can find our warranty conditions on