Water Butt Treatment – 500ml

Water Butt Treatment from Defenders is a safe, non-toxic way to keep your water fresh and free from odour in water butts and other water storage areas. Water Butt Cleaner uses natural, plant-based technology to help purify collected rainwater and household wastewater, including discharge from baths, sinks, and washing machines. It is safe to use around the garden and harmless to fish and other aquatic life, including amphibian wildlife such as toads and tadpoles. The easy-to-use dispenser includes an on-the-side content indicator to ensure accurately measured dosage.

  • Concentrated formula treats stored rainwater and household grey-water (baths, washing machines, sink etc.).
  • Treats up to 6500 litres.
  • Prevents green water and eliminates unpleasant smells and soap scum.
  • Natural treatment, safe and non-toxic.