Tomato Leaf Miner Trap – Twinpack

The Tomato Leaf Miner Trap is completely free from harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around birds, bees, and butterflies. You can protect your tomato plants without harming the important pollinators in your garden. It is unaffected by prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain, ensuring long-lasting performance. Specifically designed to target male moths, the Tomato Leaf Miner Trap utilizes a pheromone lure to attract and trap these pests. By capturing male moths, you disrupt their breeding cycle and prevent further damage to your tomato plants. It also contributes to sustainable practices with its 100% recycled backing board.

  • Unaffected by prolonged sunlight and rain
  • No harmful chemicals – safe to use around birds, bees and butterflies
  • Traps male moths
  • 100% Recycled backing board