Slugs Away® Wool Pellets – 5L

Slugs Away All-Natural Wool Pellets from Defenders are a non-toxic slug and snail deterrent that is suitable for use in allotments, gardens, and even plant pots. The All-Natural Wool Pellets mulch to form a long-lasting protective barrier around growing plants, keeping them safe from slug and snail damage for the whole growing season. Simply scatter the pellets and water them to form a mulch that is safe for use around children and animals, including birds, dogs, and hedgehogs. The pellets are naturally nutritious for plants and 100% biodegradable.

  • 100% Wool pellets
  • Naturally deters slugs and snails without using chemical controls
  • Forms a blanket mulch when watered or after rainfall
  • Packaged in 1L individual bags for freshness