Run Rabbit Repellent Sachet – 50g x 2

Run Rabbit Repellent Sachet contains Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate, this repellent works by creating a taste that rabbits find highly unpalatable, deterring them from nibbling on your plants and causing damage. Each package includes 2 sachets, and each sachet can make 9.0 litres of spray solution. It’s incredibly easy to use – simply empty the sachet into a watering can or sprayer, dilute according to the instructions, and apply. For optimal results, repeat the treatment throughout the growing season. With this convenient solution, you can effectively protect an area of up to 34m2 from rabbit infestations. It is child and pet safe, meaning you can apply it without excluding your loved ones from the treatment areas.

  • Simply empty sachet into a watering can or sprayer and dilute to apply
  • Deters rabbits without harm
  • Treats up to 34m²
  • Contains Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate