Red Gorilla – Rucksack – Red Gorilla Backpack

With enhanced PE foam padding on the back panel and shoulder straps, the Red Gorilla® Rider’s Backpack provides maximum comfort even when fully loaded. At the top of the bag there is a rubber carrying handle which makes lifting the heaviest loads effortless!

This hard-wearing backpack has a variety of useful compartments on the inside and outside. The weight being 1.3kg and a maximum lifting capacity of 10kg, this rucksack is designed to be multifunctional, hosting equipment for more than one horse.

The handmade backpack is manufactured from using military grade polyester that is designed to withstand tears and abrasion. Included in the bag is a branded keyring and useful dust bag made from cotton cloth – allowing the rider to keep their belongings protected. The mesh net at the front has adjustable fasteners, making it easy to store the helmet, together with a velcro clasp to host the riding crop and extra compartments for the more personal belongings – making it the perfect all-round backpack.


Height: 32cm x Width: 22cm x Length: 48cm