Red Gorilla – Gorilla Shovels – Pistachio

If you’re seeking an easier-to-use and more efficient shovel, the Gorilla Shovel‚Ñ¢ is the perfect choice. Crafted with a single-piece unibody plastic design from durable polypropylene, this shovel is both non-sparking and remarkably strong while maintaining an impressive lightweight of just 1.2kg. This lightweight construction significantly reduces fatigue during heavy lifting and shifting tasks. The shovel’s ergonomic D-Handle is thoughtfully designed to enhance gripability, thereby reducing stress on the arm and back muscles. Moreover, the Gorilla Shovel‚Ñ¢ is made from UV, frost, and weather-resistant plastic, ensuring its durability and longevity. Say goodbye to cumbersome shoveling with this reliable and long-lasting tool.


Length: 101cm x Width: 31.5cm