Red Gorilla – Gorilla Plas – Gorilla Plas 10L Feed Bucket Yellow

Introducing our latest innovation, the new B4 Shallow Bucket, crafted from our revolutionary recycled polymer РGorilla Plas®. This cutting-edge bucket is tougher, stronger, and easier to clean and maintain than ever before. Manufactured exclusively in the UK for Red Gorilla, the B4 Shallow Bucket has taken the lead in the feed bucket industry. While retaining all the classic features of our B4 rubber bucket, it outperforms in terms of usability and durability. With a generous capacity of 10L/2gal. and a pour design from either side, this bucket effortlessly handles feed, water, and any other items you need to carry. Experience the convenience and reliability of the B4 Shallow Bucket in your daily tasks.


Height: 17cm x Diameter: 35cm