Our ProQ Thermomount is a great gadget for mounting your electronic digital BBQ thermometer to your barbecue or smoker.

It will keep your thermometer protected from the hot surface of the lid, helps to tidy up wires or simply gives you somewhere to put it whilst in use.

  • This simple to fit gadget in most cases just sits underneath your existing temperature gauge
  • The Thermomount is made from steel and will work with magnetic thermometers
  • Our mount has multiple positions, so you can install it however works for you
  • Can easily tidy your cables

Dimensions: 170 x 75 x 20mm, 160g

Compatible with magnetic digital thermometers, as well as Maverick, BBQ Guru and Flameboss

Compatible with all ProQ Smokers, Weber Barbecues (with a thermometer), Bristol Drum Smokers and more

Can be fitted to BBQs not listed, please contact us so we can update the list