Pet Safe Quick Click Mouse Trap

Pet Safe Quick Click Mouse Trap from The Big Cheese® is a one-touch-to-set, enclosed mouse trap with double entry that protects children and pets from accidental contact with the trap. The semi-transparent housing allows for at-a-glance trap inspection whilst obscuring trapped rodents from view. The reusable trap is ideal for use in home environments where children and larger pets are at play, as well as in kitchens and food prep areas. Use multiple traps in severely affected areas. Placing traps every 2-3 metres apart will ensure the maximum catch.

  • Protect non-target animals from accidental contact with trap
  • Semi-transparent housing
  • Mechanism guarantees a quick kill
  • Baited and ready-to-use
  • Place traps 2-3 metres apart
  • Refill with STV163