Noma Lighting


2019 sees NOMA celebrate it’s 80th year and we intend for it to be the best year yet! Since 1939 NOMA has continued to manufacture and distribute high quality, innovative Christmas lighting to homes across the UK & Ireland. Starting life as a small family business in London we still stay true to our roots with a firm focus on all things lighting-related. From one family business to another, NOMA is now owned by LeisureGrow. This means we now have the support to ensure, not only quality but, reliability for our service and innovation from a trusted name within the industry. We are at the forefront of the latest lighting technology and trends; our priority is delivering great products, great service at great prices.

At NOMA we are specialists, not generalists. In fact, we think lighting is so important, we don’t do anything else.

We’ve got everything you need to make Summer and Christmas 2019 your best ever.