Black Mushroom Patio Heater

Black Mushroom Patio Heater

Black Mushroom Patio Heater, for no more shivering in the cold, you can enjoy the outdoors. This powerful patio heater quickly warms a wide area for relaxation or entertaining guests. Don’t be stuck indoors when it is cold waiting for the warmer weather
Garden Patio Heater, measures, height 224cm, base width 46cm – top lid 81cm, the free standing patio heater 13kw

VARIABLE CONTROL 13KW POWERFUL HEATING,The powerful heat of our patio heater ranges from 5000W to 13000W. 13000W high power allows bigger heating range that our patio heater can cover 175 sq/ft (15′ Radius). It can be used for warm your patio, desk or pool area up.

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION,Stainless steel construction for salt air and harsh sun. Such good quality materials which are different forms other common carbon steel that greatly increase the safety of our gas patio heater. And these also enable the gas patio heater become more durable and strong to be use for a long period.
Outdoor Patio Heater, has all of the latest safety features including, safety tilt shut off valve plus security settings.

Heat output: 13 Kw; Consumption: 450g/h – 870g/h Reflector diameter: 81 cm; Size: 46-81×220 (h) cm Gas type: Propane/ Butane/ LPG Compare with similar items

With an enormous heat output of 46,000 BTU’s, so that you can enjoy the perfect time outside in your garden, patio or rooftop garden