Mega-Sonic® Multi-Speaker ALL-PEST Repeller

Use the Mega-Sonic® ALL-PEST Repeller from The Big Cheese® to deter nuisance animals and create a 360º exclusion zone of up to 380m², either indoors or out. It will protect living spaces, gardens, lofts, and outbuildings around the clock, and in all weathers. The 5-speaker system is mains powered and uses next-generation, ultrasonic attack-wave technology to produce sound pressure levels exceeding 100dB at peak. Frequencies and sound patterns can be varied to target different nuisance animals and prevent habituation. The Mega-Sonic ALL-PEST Repeller is humane, operates outside the hearing range of humans, and is safe to use around children. Indoor and outdoor use for homes, gardens, and commercial premises.

  • 5x ultrasonic power – up to 380m2 coverage.
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Multi-frequency options
  • Mains powered using 9v transformer.
  • Extended 2 year warranty