Hi-Vis Mega-Sonic® Mole Repeller

The dual action Mega-Sonic® Mole Repeller produces powerful vibrations combined with a low frequency sonic pulse, which is released for 5 seconds in 55 second intervals. This harmless disturbance within the moles’ habitat is sufficient to disrupt their feeding cycles and encourage them to seek out new areas for tunneling and feeding. Each unit provides continuous coverage of up to 1000 square metres. For larger or irregular shaped garden areas, more than one unit will be needed for effective coverage. The Mega-Sonic Mole Repeller features a Hi-Vis weather-proof cap to help ensure that the product lasts for years, and that you do not accidentally mow over the top of it.
  • Vibrates and simultaneously discharges a sonic pulse for 5 seconds every 55 seconds
  • Easy to find hi-vis cap.
  • Long-lasting no-wear design.
  • Coverage up to 1,000m².
  • Welfare-friendly.