Hi-Vis Mega-Sonic® Advanced Solar Mole Repeller

The Big Cheese Mega-Sonic® Advanced Solar Mole Repeller discharges a powerful subsonic pulse into the surrounding earth at random intervals. This continuous disturbance within the moles’ territory will deter them without harm, and force them to seek out a new habitat for tunnelling and feeding. For larger or irregularly shaped gardens, more than one unit may be required. The Advanced Solar Mole Repeller has a built-in solar rechargeable power pack which enables it to work continuously, including overnight as well as in poor light conditions. The durable weather-proof cap is hi-vis to prevent accidental mower damage.

  • Built-in solar rechargeable power pack provides 24hr protection
  • Weather-resistant
  • Sonic-pulse and vibration every 30 seconds
  • High-visibility design