Who are Weber?

Driven by his passion for grilling the best steaks for family and friends, Weber’s founder, George Stephen, invented the revolutionary kettle grill in 1952. At the time, he worked for Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois and was inspired by the shape of a buoy.

George knew that a rounded cooking bowl with a lid was the key to success. So he cut the buoy in half, added three legs to the bottom, a handle to the top, and the rest is history.

The same innovative mindset and goal of grilling a perfect steak lives on in everything we do. It is our heritage, legacy, and future.

The man behind the kettle, George Stephen. Grill master, inventor, and father of 12. His love of barbecue was almost as big as his love of life.

The perfect cut of meat deserves the best fuel and accessories to execute it. The new Weber briquettes burn long and strong, and are 100% natural with no added chemicals, so that all you taste is food. Pair the briquettes with any of our charcoal accessories and you’re one step closer to BBQ success!

Smoke is what sets normal cuisine apart from the big, bold taste of BBQ. By simply adding some flavored wood chunks or chips to the recipe, or even smoking salmon on a wood plank, your food will be taken to a completely new level of delicious.

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