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Elite Horizon is proud to be in partnership with the world’s top brands, where we distribute their products all across the MENA region. The element of value-addition definitely comes in between as we make sure that the products are properly marketed in accordance with the demographics and psychographics of that region.

At present, we work with multiple charcoal and firewood brands in for our hospitality supply sector. For retail supply, we offer the La Hacienda, Buschbeck, STV, Uuni and Firebox brands for distribution. Many territories can be discussed for exclusivity and our pricing allows our retailers to make the best margins possible, whilst still being affordable.

We will always be privileged to work with both all our suppliers and our customers, with a firm belief that we are all one team.

If you would like to join our team on both the supplier or distributor front, please use the contact us page and get in touch.

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